Argan Oil, Silkaclious!

Hey Beauts! Its friday and for the masses that a wonderful day of the week. So as everyone will probably be busy having lives just a small post today to not bore you all :)

THE ARGAN HAIR OIL, aka the sneaky cousin of MoroccanOil.



What is it? Its an oil for hair.

What’s it good for? Sold as a nourishing treatment a few drops straight out the shower will condition and its the BEST product for taming my frizz and getting them into curls!

What’s the danger? Make sure you’ve got a good % of Argan oil – or else you might as well put tea on your hair… Also be weary of using too much. I LOVE using it with Caudalie’s Divine Oil but even on my super long and thick frizz monster dry hair if I use one drop over I can wake up the next day with a pretty greasy head. Less is more.

How much is it? Like any product it depends on the brand. Simply Argan will sell you a tester for £4.50 (plus £2.99 p%p) so you’re unsure you can at least try it out. I brought my bottle from the company over a year ago – as you can see they’ve updated their packaging and also pushed up the prices. DAMN YOU SUPPLY AND DEMAND ECONOMICS! Achem, sorry.

Should I try it? Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt, you can use it for smoothing and styling, helping calm the frizz or juts putting some shine in your locks.

Have a great weekend! xoxo


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